Friday, October 30, 2009

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Countries in Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific is categorized here by the Global Expat Blog Ring, as Greater China, South and South-East Asia and Oceania. This represents all the countries within the boundaries of China in the north, Pakistan in the west, Australia / New Zealand in the south and as far east as Tahiti. As we progressively identify the highest quality and popular expat bloggers in the region, we will add further countries accordingly.

Please select a country in Asia Pacific from the list below.

Select a Country 

Bangladesh   (1)Laos   (2)
Bhutan   (1)Malaysia   (11)
Brunei   (2)Nepal   (3)
Cambodia   (17)Philippines   (23)
China   (64)Singapore   (32)
Hong Kong   (20)Taiwan   (18)
India   (23)Thailand   (31)
Indonesia   (23)South Korea   (42)
Japan   (60)Vietnam   (17)


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